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Turnique is an online brain gym specializing in holistic mental fitness workout.
Backed with the best of approaches, Turnique’s workout are effective, well designed and result-driven. 

“Much like our arms and legs, our brain needs constant workout to get stronger.
What if we exercised our brains as much as we exercised our body?”

Holistic Program

Sit up alone can’t tone your whole body. Just like our bodies, our minds also require a variety of stimuli. Turnique’s classes are well-balanced across 3 categories, so beginners can experience various methods to work out different parts of the mind. 

Guided Live Classes

We bring learning to you, streamed live to anywhere you are. Our live classes are fully guided by our coaches and instructors. First timer will also be welcome with an induction, assessment and a private consultation so we know you goals and can suggest which class to start with!

Bite Size Approach

Each workout is only 15-30 minutes short to help fit into your busy schedule. Breaking down dry theory into short, digestible and applicable lifestyle workoutWe don’t tell you what to do, but how to do, and we do it with you too!

12+ Workout Over 3 Categories

Turnique adapt a holistic mental workout approach.
Workouts are designed and split by function.

Workout Almost Everyday

With personalised assessment and consultation upon sign up, you will be advised on what class to start on.
Continuous assessment is conducted every 3 to 6 months to document your progress.

Our Instructors

Sze Ming Chye
Mindfulness, Narrative and Expressive Instructor

Marilyn Ho
EFT, Cognitive, Neuroplasticity Instructor

Bianca Spears
Mind Body Positivity Instructor, Empowerment Coach

Amanda Ling
Singing Bowl Sound Bath Instructor

Nicole Hwang
Mindful Movement Instructor

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